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Freeware video editing software

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I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm looking for some freeware video editing software for windows. I want to do some editing of various clips into a promo with music over the top. I have used Adobe Premier before but find something with all the bells and whistles a bit overwhelming. I want to be able to do some simple transitions, maybe simple effects and to be able to zoom into footage. Anyone with any suggestions for me? I'm not a computer dunce - I regularly use complex audio editing software but I want something simple that wont take me ages to get up to speed on. 

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If you’re running Windows 7/8, did not buy a new PC with Windows 10 pre-installed or did not do a clean install to Windows 10 then you probably have Windows Movie Maker already: if not, you should be able to find it online with a search.

Windows Movie Maker (and iMovie for the Mac) aim to produce a quick end result with minimum user input and choices restricted to a small number of simple options. Quick to learn, simple but surprisingly effective results and they’re free!

Beyond these are Lightworks (https://www.lwks.com/) and other prosumer software that may offer some colour correction, speed control, reasonable sound editing and synching options, vast numbers of (often pointless) transitions and output options ranging from smartphone and YouTube to almost broadcast quality.

However, If you’ve used Premier but found it too sophisticated for your needs (or patience!) then Lightworks et al will probably be way over the top and potentially very expensive.

It's not free (probably around £80) but a reasonable compromise might be Adobe Premier Elements, which is a cut down version of the full Premier package and well backed up with an active user forum and good online tutorials.

There are several freeware packages but hard to recommend any particular one, not least because they often involve having to download additional codecs or are older designs with limited output options.  

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Lightworks is great - can convert MXF broadcast files into h264.  The free version is very easy to hack it so it outputs to 1080p without uploading to a video site.

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