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Gina Miller wants your money. Gofundme campaign for tactical vote


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1 hour ago, Si1 said:

Sweet Jesus. Is there really zero regulation for these kinds of "FundMe" things? Any accountability?

I feel like crafting a GoFundMe that is vague enough but appealing to idiots, so they can send me money for me to spend on holidays...

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13 minutes ago, TwoTearsInABucket said:

Can't find any information on that. Even the Mail doesn't claim any such thing. He was Guyana’s Attorney General.

His work as the senior government prosecutor prior to democracy in Guyana is rather unclear, so I've removed my post on that, as it was a rehash of someone elses opinion.

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6 hours ago, honkydonkey said:

Someone not even born here, trying to override the will of the people. Lolz.

Damn democracy attempting to overcome 'the will off the people' (sic)


You understand that come the day after the election the'will of the people' will be whatever the Tories specify in their manifesto - nothing more. The referendum will be history.

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