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real ale served with a slice of orange marketing gimmick

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2 hours ago, interestrateripoff said:

Just had a pint of blue moon ale with my lunch served with a slice of orange stuck on the glass!!

I'm sure a pointless marketing ploy as it added zero to the drinking experience.

Blue moon is always served with a slice of orange, pretty much everywhere I've ever been. Marketing gimmick maybe, but that's just how it's served. It;s not a great beer anyway.

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I wouldn't describe blue moon as a real ale (think Gandalf beards and moobs). It's supposed to be a 'craft' beer is it not? As such it can be served with any hipster accoutrement you fancy. I get why that would be a slice of citrus fruit and it's not a new thing for this drink. 

I don't mind it myself. I quite like that style of beer anyway and I'm not too much of a snob to say I don't like something that I know has all the authenticity of a 9 bob note just because it's been aimed at the mass market and is made by Bud or whomever.

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I think Blue Moon comes from the US and is pretty commercial now.


I think those sort of Belgian white beers are always servered with lemon or orange.


Hoegarten is usually servered with lemon.


I actually like Hoegarten servered with lemon, but it is pretty strong.  You could end up dizzy after drinking a few on a sunny day on the beer garden.

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Have to say I really like blue moon... Think it's mass produced nowadays although at one time possibly a small/craft beer?  If I recall the actual beer is flavored with orange peel.   

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