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Thanks for such a palatable dish :P

What I find most interesting is the positive overtone to the whole Yorkshire post article (while the ITV article has no apparant agenda and the Mirror's narrative still seems to assume that HPI=good).

Also this "news" in itself a pretty small occurrance - prices falling nationally by 0.4% over three months.. that's less than it's been rising by monthly not so long ago, so this fall alone is never going to cause anyone any lost sleep.

Of course the important thing is the suggestion / acceptance that this could be the start of an accelerating trend - something that one would typically not have expected at all in the MSM (expecting something far more like electrogear's spot on Mail-esq headline above).

Hopefully another little chunk nibbled away from the media-led public perception that HPI is both a good thing and unstoppable.


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1 hour ago, Roman Roady said:

good to read but I am afraid that £30bn across a set of assets worth nearly £8tn is not significant....but its a start.


When the collapse that I am expecting is over I expect several tn to be wiped off.

In our area we've gone from +10% year on year to +2%YoY in the last year. In the housing world that's a fairly rapid change for a "healthy market" (as everyone has been telling us) and if the rate of change is still picking up pace then we could be in a crash now without really knowing it. This quarterly statistic seems to be pointing that way!

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Few houses in the surrounding streets been on the market for months. +30% 2009 prices. Im watching in amusement how they've gone sstc in the last month and back on for the same price  (obviously mortgage valuation come back as too pricey ). Couple of 10k drops on a 240k place. Lol good old property bee Firefox browser app.

Still. .. Suppose that spring "bounce " will prove me wrong eh :D

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