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3 sentiment-killing news articles off the back off a Zoopla report. I was particularly stunned to see Yorkshire Post reporting this, as everything I've read from them in the last couple of years has been ramping prices up. Also good to see a tabloid and major news outlet using words like "collapse" or "plunge", although that's far from the truth compared to what's to come, at least they're reflecting a negative direction for a change.




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3 minutes ago, btl_hater said:

Just checked the Express and Mail websites to see how they are reporting this news– no mention yet– will be interested to see how it develops.

The Mail headline will probably say something like "property BOOM imminent as property tycoons take a breather before house prices SOAR this summer"

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Great news. On a personal note we were chatting about buying a house last night. I said that we need to be patient but a crash is all good to go and she was taking the p*ss calling me 'the forecaster' so will look forward to this being in every paper. Also, thanks for letting me steal your wisdom guys.

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Shame it's not in on the BBC or Mail. would like a lot more people to see this.

in my part of the world sellers are asking 2016 prices plus 25% as spring is here. 

glad to see the reality is falling prices. now BTL is being taken out of the question the real price level should be 2016 minus 30% 

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42 minutes ago, electrogear said:

I was chuckling to myself last night at the thought of scores of hungover estate agents waking up to this! Hehehe

EAs should be welcoming this report. It should back up what they have seen over the last few months - that owners need to be more conservative with their price if they want to sell. Rather than blaming the EA if they do not find a buyer within a week willing to pay 30% more than last year's purchase price of a similar property.

The smart EAs will be telling sellers to go a bit low today (before the herd realises that prices are falling) rather than having to go even lower in six months time. They get paid commission on sales, and there is no commission if the price is higher than a buyer is willing to pay.


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From the Yorkshire Post article. Good to see some of the London suburbs leading the charge on the way down. These places were always going to come undone badly. 60%+ in 4-5 years. Full of deluded fckwits looking for 750k+ for their crap semis. 

Parts of London and the surrounding commuter belt were also among the areas to see the biggest declines in property values since the start of the year, including Morden, Northwood and Waltham Cross.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/billions-wiped-off-value-of-homes-1-8494169

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13 minutes ago, Kiwi_Muncher said:

I'm effing livid at the prices near me going SSTC. £340k for a 3 bed semi FFS.


Think yourself lucky....some are having to pay £500k or more, their choice......others living in just as safe place, a place just as secure with similar people, just as intelligent, conscientious people, same services and the same rule of law pay less than £150k....you pay your money you make your choice.;)

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