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Now You Can Live in a Remodeled Shipping Container

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From Bloomberg:


(Doesnt get rid of the land price problem but its a start! :))

"Startup Boxouse sells “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes” made from shipping containers (the “deluxe” edition costs $49,000 and includes shipping). Chief Executive Officer Luke Iseman, a Wharton graduate who previously ran Y Combinator’s hardware program, concedes that “container houses aren’t perfect” but says they can help ease housing shortages. He shares one with co-founder Heather Stewart that’s set up in an Oakland warehouse. They’re partly financing the business by renting out two others on Airbnb. Iseman buys them used for about $2,000 each and retrofits them with the help of a half-dozen part-time workers. Boxouses are designed for off-the-grid living, with a 1.5-kilowatt solar system that heats and powers the unit and its kitchenette."

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The interesting point comes when they make them in China -- shipping container house for $250 per foot (say), inc shipping.  Until then they're just mucking about.

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An app can control smart windows and lights, as can a complimentary Alexa. In the works: alerts to port-a-potty vendors when the wastewater tank needs emptying.

Just that extra-touch of luxury so that you can really call it home. I am pretty sure the physical control is within reaching distance in many cases; but nope, must use a smart phone because now I'm a home-owner and I've made it to the first (and probably the last) rung of the ladder.

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1 hour ago, interestrateripoff said:

And you could possibly sell them for 500000 in London....

and would come under Housing Minister Gavin Barwell's "innovative" category.

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17 minutes ago, Arpeggio said:

Here's the website of the company mentioned:


They'll be thinking inside the box.

If they ever do refer to thinking outside of the box at least we'll know which box they're referring to now.

I'm not totally against the idea as it could help with the out of control congestion in some areas but to call them "beautiful" is a real stretch.

Once you have to house people in shipping containers you know they've totally run out of ideas - and can't see the wood for the trees.  Except as usual to line their own pockets.

This thread should maybe be read in conjunction with the When the kids come back thread.


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