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The house next door to me is rented privately (I also rent but from someone else).

After an uncomfortable 6 months living next to previous tenant, they finally left. I did have a word with the owner then when he was cleaning it up one day.

He assured me the new tenants were saints and no animals were allowed under the tenancy. I've since realised he was lying.

Needless to say one morning I was awoken by Hound of the Baskervilles and the new tenant was in, he seems to think that looking after a large dog doesn't require walking etc. just bung it in the back yard and let it bark away. My polite reasoning and other neighbours are met with sarcasm.

So, I want to contact the owner and know he is not local, he retired somewhere nice! but I have an idea that it's not that far away. I got the Land Registry details of the property but his address is given as the same - next door, yet it's been rented out for years. Can he do that or should he inform LR of his current address?

There is also details of a  mortgage on the property - would they give me his address? I am keen to talk to this man who seems to accept large noisy dogs so he can get extra rent money, whilst not caring about the neighbours. Anybody able to give me advice on this?

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Yes Satch, very true.

I can see the owner has a mortgage on the property as the lenders name is on the Land Registry document - I take it these mortgages are different  for landlords, in which case I would bet he hasn't informed the lender that it's rented out.

Have I any leverage on him with this? Not something I would normally consider, but he hasn't shown much consideration to the neighbours.

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Barking dogs can amount to what is known as a statutory nuisance. In theory at least your local authority or to take action on your behalf against your neighbour to stop the problem. See for example:


The truth is that post austerity, and even pre austerity, local authorities are unlikely to have the available cash to do this.

I'm not sure what you hope to get from approaching their landlord. He certainly does not owe you any legal duty to supervise the tenant's lifestyle, and from what you say he will not be responsive to suggestions of duties of any other kind.

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