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Etf's Where To Get Them

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Any advice on where to buy ETF's specifically Gold ETF's and the OILB ETF.

Just discovered the site yesterday looks good.

ETFs can be bought or sold like any share on an exchange. Google for "gold etf" or "oil etf".

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I found this article which outlines why the author considers stocks are a better way to play a rise in oil prices than etfs such as OILB, OILW


"The 2007-2010 crude contracts are trading around $40 which

is a $6-$8 discount from the 2005 contracts. Obviously, it

would be in my financial interest to shut up and let them

buy the back month futures contracts. Instead, I have been

advising my clients to buy the major integrated oil stocks,

not back month futures."

Intrigued by Richard's idea, we asked him for a bit more

detail. "What's your thinking Richard?" we wanted to know.

"It's pretty simple," he replied. "At the end of the day, I

think being long the integrated oils makes more money – or

loses less - that being long crude futures. Let's consider

three possible scenarios: Oil prices fall, they stay the

same, or they rise.

"For starters, let's assume my bullish outlook is misguided

and oil drops back below $30," Richard continued. "If you

were long back-month crude futures, you would lose about a

third of your investment, assuming you were unlevered. On

the other hand, if you bought the integrated oils, you'd

probably be much better off. Let's use Cheveron Texaco

(NYSE: CVX) for an example........etc.

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