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EA failed to ensure safety of woman who fell 30 feet down well. Imagine if children were present at that viewing. Shows you how much EA's know about the places they are selling.

Just what do they do for their money?

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So what you#'re saying is to afford a property you need to find a house with a well fall down it sue the agent for compo and use the compo to pay the the house?


I didn't realie it had become so desperate.

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I have always felt that open house viewings would be a disaster in the making, and a test case would come soon enough.

1. EA's are given a house that they are unfamiliar in - they have limited time to check everything out. Also they have limited training in spotting potential hazards. They were told about the well, but what about unknown unknowns, especially from a probate sale?

2. People's houses don't always confirm to the latest building regulations. E.g. Outdoor swimming pools without barriers.

3. The public don't take responsibility for your safety. So if the floor is covered with toys, the owner isn't going to pick them up for the view. Think slips and trips.

4. People's houses don't have health and safety equipment. E.g. wet floor signs, spill kits, barriers.

5. When you let the public loose in a house unsupervised, they will look for trouble as they believe everything has been made safe - that is the wrong assumption. The EA will have children out of their sight, and parents will let their children run loose.

6. I don't know if ANYONE is insured during a open house viewing - perhaps this can be a new product for the insurance companies, and a legal requirement going forward.

7. If the EA did look at the well, is he/she equipped to make it safe? Are they given barriers, warning signs in 56 languages in the boot of the car to make the well safe? Perhaps the EA agent can sue their employer too for, failure of supplying the equipment.

8. The public generally will have accidents on the slightest deviation from a perfect floor. Someone could have tripped on a uneven paving stone in the garden for example.

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In basic language:

Open house viewing = letting 20 cat's loose in a unfamiliar house.

And then letting a rabid Rottweiler in there.

AND then trying to round up all your cats afterwards at the end.

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