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Gps based tax codes

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I was thinking about a comment made on another thread in regards to spreading jobs to the north. Companies won't ever move without incentives, and seem to hold the positions of power. One way of doing this is to force their hands by basing employee tax codes around the employers latitude and longitude.

The government draws up maps of high demand locations, and lower demand and bases income tax in staggered amounts, say 35% in the city of London, 25% in Manchester, 10% in Middlesbourgh etc. This will then have a nudge effect on the employers themselves since their location will heavily attract or not employees. The government can publish maps colour coded like 3G reception maps which people can look at to decide where suits them best. 

Would this work in any way to redistribute wealth around the country? Startups may prefer to locate to Grimsby to save a fortune on costs for example and pull the employees there. As places become more prosperous the codes can slowly update as demand redistributes.

These maps could also be used to slash housing benefit in areas with very high tax codes. If you rely on government support for extended periods for no reason other than being useless then you'll never remove opportunity from those willing to work. This would also have the effect of locating unemployed to areas where they'd pay very low income tax, incentivising them to work.

Even stamp duty could be tied to them, so as investment moves into an area people benefiting from it don't get all the gains with zero investment themselves (lean duty more towards the seller)

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Interest rates could also be tied to them.  It would be a surprise if TPTB don't have this sort of information to hand already and don't already use a version of it in making policy decisions?

One assumes that they like the way things are otherwise they would have already done something more fundamental based on geographical location - as they have more than enough computing power to do it these days - and it would make work.

As an aside the UK (say in comparison to the US) has a poverty of easily accessible data on most any subject to do with the economy (some would say on most everything else as well) so to publish such detailed information open to the public would be a bit of a policy U-turn to say the least.  

To date people have had to mainly rely on MSM Swindle News and Fake News outlets for their decisions (only recently mitigated a bit by internet information) and of course that source of information is very misleading and lacking.

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The above would only work if it were cheap to move and there were plentiful supplies of homes so moving was cheap and easy.

Right now the UK is none of those things. You'd think a move would be hire a luton van, stick your stuff in it and drive off. It isn't.

My move from the South to the North cost me thousands. You've got to pay for inspection fees on leaving a rented property. BUt then you've got to pay for cleaning fees. Then you've got to pay up the remaining months on your tenancy or find somebody to occupy it.


Then you stick stuff in the Luton.


Drive then have to pay an agent £1000s for reference checks, for credit checks, then put down £1000s for a deposit that never gets protected. Then three months rent in advance.


So while it's a nice idea the vested interests whose sole aim is to pound you relentlessly with charges will prevent it from being a workable idea.

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Enterprise zones already do this, albeit in a more blunt way.

I think your idea has merit. I've suggested before the Govt needs to departments move north, west, south and east; but to smaller towns too (Clacton, Goole, Weston, Barnsley, Ellesmere)

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