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The house i rent was sold without me ķnowing


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Odd one. Ive rented this house for 5 years.

Just had a conversation with the Letting Agent i rent from about some work requiring tonthe property, and she said "as your landlord has changed......"

Once pressed on this i was told that the ownership of the property has changed hands between 2 family members last year. And i questioned this and got "oh nothing has changed with your agreement with us".... 

I was a bit perturbed that i found out now...... generally the LA has been ok and professional, always fixed issues quickly and well. Just this got my goat, as i feel i sould have been notified.

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If a property is sold subject to a tenancy the tenancy continues and on the same terms - the new landlord steps into the shoes of the old.

Where the property is residential, the new landlord is obliged to notify the tenant of the change. Failure to do so within the prescribed time limit is a criminal offence. See section 3 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

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I had this in a flat in Hong Kong.  Beauty was the new owner/landlord had not checked the tenancy agreement that I had altered with the old landlord so I had an early break clause at no cost to me.  Was part of the negotiations for me taking on an initial 2 year term.

I was well narked that the flat was sold with no notice to me of the change until the new landlord demanded an inspection.  In HK your landlord can make a huge difference to your life.


So - new owner buys the flat.  Comes round to inspect.  I take great joy in handing in my 30 days notice, 6 months ahead of the 2 year tenancy end.  He waves the tenancy agreement in my face and gets his translator to tell me it runs for another six months.  I show the translator the early break clause.  Cue meltdown and shouting screaming at the estate agent LOLOLOL.  Expat Flats at that price range often spend 2-6 months void.  And the flat was priced at about 2.5million GDP.  That's a lot of mortgage payments.

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