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School funding changes


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Im not sure how many of you follow the pupil funding for schools.

Basically, London schools get a *lot* more. There's about a 4k/head  extra.

There's an article in the FT about the school funding changes:


Just one paragraph:

'.. new formula designed to distribute school funding more fairly, Hackney, like most inner boroughs will lose money so that other parts of England, such as Torbay, Plymouth and Blackpool can receive more'

(I cant cut+paste from FT anymore)

Or, in my words, receive the same cash.


So you have a large number of foreign  kids living in London, on benefits mainly, in one of the most expensive cities in the World.

And UKGOV has being spending 4k/head more to educate them, at the cost of places where British people live, and pay taxes FFS!

And they wonder why UKIP is popular?





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