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The nail bars of Frogstar B

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Perhaps this should be in "Economics" or "Off-topic", but let me amaze you here first.

In a town in the SE, I have a short walk of 10 minutes to the bus station. I have just noticed a sixth nail bar has opened on this route.

Now, I understand from Spyguy why there should be nail bars at all ... but there have been four (!) on my route for some time, so why are they increasing in number now? Are commercial rents falling? Will there be anything left on our high streets except nail bars? Are people seeing the same elsewhere?

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Noticed a new one in my area too. I just googled "Too many Nail bars".

https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2016/nov/18/beauty-boom-or-bust-uk-too-many-salons "We’ve had clients before who’ve actually factored in their beauty treatment as part of their divorce settlement."

"The increase in men’s grooming has been cited as the one of biggest drivers behind the growth of the whole beauty industry in recent years."

This might be along the same lines: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/spornosexuals-spornosexuality-austerity-young-men-working-out-bodies-power-society-a7184876.html

Also: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/10470717/Theresa-May-Slaves-may-work-in-your-nail-bar-too.html

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Exactly the same here. Small town in the London suburbs and there are at least three nail bars I can think of. One caused a bit of disquiet when it opened by painting a nice Victorian shopfront bright pink.

I can't see it is anything to do with commercial rent or rates falling because there is also a growing number of empty shops. Two EAs have closed in the past year and not been replaced and there are a few other long term empty shops as well.


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.....don't forget charity shops.

1 hour ago, juvenal said:

In between the Nail Bars and derelict EA's you'll find only tattoo parlors, bookies and 'Vape' shops. 

All it needs now is Judge Dredd and you have a 2000 AD high street.

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