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Barrat Homes On Poisoned Land

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I have 'concerns' about how a surplus of certain properties will drive down price expectations for the whole market. e.g. Too many new build Yuppie flats coming on the market, and poky 'affordable' homes on brownfield land with no parking. (Some b*** with 2 jags confuses cars with emissions, even though houses have a lifespan measured decades and fuel types will change long before then.) What are we left with? A glut of properties which are hard to sell and harder still to sell on.

It is noticable in this case that the problem has taken years to reveal itself, it confirms many peoples' worst fears about brownfield, and the stupid builders are trying to wriggle out of it instead of 'fessing up quick - at what cost to their reputation?

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Did you notice how some of the people giving opinions stated that they were dismayed that the Local Authority had not acted?

Chances are that this was an NHBC site and therefore once the planning permission for these builds was given the go ahead the LA would not have been involved. But surely this problem would have been highlighted by the planning department and a condition set on the proposal to either clean this mess up or construct using the various gas impermeable membranes that are available, however, after that I would wager that no-one from the LA would have ever have visited the site, and so, how many other sites may be in this sort of probable pridicament?

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