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The system is rigged


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4 hours ago, j666 said:

This is the part of the speech about housing:

"And we need to make housing about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for few.

Under the Conservatives homelessness has doubled, housebuilding has fallen to the lowest level since the 1920s and when we proposed that homes for rent should be fit for human habitation, the Tories voted it down.

The next Labour Government will give people a fair chance by putting decent, affordable homes at the heart of our programme for the country.

We’ll build thousands more genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy, give renters a new charter of rights, end rough sleeping and help young people on ordinary incomes to buy a home of their own.

And we’ll also end the ridiculous restriction on local authorities’ ability to build the council homes local people need and on councils’ ability to license private landlords to drive up standards."

if in power I expect they would prepare policy presented as delivering on this agenda but the outcome would be to inflate and support house prices...this is what tptb do...

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100% Satch.

Corbyn and Co. would need to back up the rhetoric with a detailed plan. Deliver lower house prices should be the backbone of it.

If they did this, I'd give Labour a 75% chance of forming the next govt. 



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As I've said before, there is a reason the establishment attack Corbyn on the left and Trump on the right. They both threaten the status quo.

Better to discredit your opponent than fight them with facts about how a globalised, neoliberal economy with banks having a license to print money is somehow better for everyone. 

On the Osbournomics failure point, he said this in the 2010 budget:  

"A sustainable private sector recovery built on a new model of economic growth, instead of pumping the debt bubble back up"

Then along came Help To Bail Banks/Developers Buy :lol::lol:

I'm wondering maybe Osbourne realised the only way to get the economy going (with banks creating 97% of money as debt) was to pump the bubble back up! He flatlined the economy 2010-2013 with austerity then HTB came and it started getting better. 

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"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hits out at 'rigged system'"

For sure the founders of Labour in 1900 would be flabbergasted to hear a Labour leader coming out with the above quote (it's a rigged system) as if it was a great revelation.  If he'd said it's still a rigged system then likely it would make more sense - and Labour are equally to blame for that.
It's almost on a par with


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