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Off he went with a Trumpety Trump...


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According to the article



While Trump blamed Brexit on an influx of refugees he said that Britain was forced to absorb, the U.K.’s number of asylum applications in 2015 was a fraction of the 890,000 refugees who arrived in Germany that year at the peak of Europe’s migrant crisis.


The comparison seems to be fake.

The claims of the journalist would be more credible and relevant if the journalist compared like figures with like figures and didn't muddle up UK asylum seeker figures with German "refugee" figures in doing the comparison.

Asylum seekers are a separate category to refugees - and the media's oft used refugee term for all the people arriving in Germany is false in that it has been reported to include economic migrants (that is to say not refugees) and from countries where there isn't a refugee issue.

Nato and the eu need to be discussed and alternative points of view considered to counter the hidebound VI - and that's what Trump is doing. 


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