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House in my town down 20%


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On 4/25/2017 at 10:58 PM, Warwick-Watcher said:

Now reduced to £89,000 asking price. So just a £35,000 loss over the past 10 years. The rent has probably made it break even :(


Also its been on the market nearly 6 months now. Blurb still calling it an investment hahaha.

This IS a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere but that's ridiculous. Stagnation to me.

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On 09/01/2017 at 17:59, EnglishinWales said:

I've been gone too long from England obviously because I'm not sure what an English feel would be. It doesn't have a village green, they play rugby instead of cricket and everything's in 2 languages. Having said that it reminds me a lot of Malton, N. Yorkshire, where I used live: full of rich farmers and boomers. No chavs. Police station isn't even manned.

Might change soon though as austerity is beginning to bite. Lots of reduced rents and sales ads. Shops are closing like crazy because nobody wants to pay the prices they're asking. Prime HPC ground. Jobs are thin on the ground and often part-time. No wonder BTLers are throwing in the towel.




I stopped off at Ruthin last week for longer than usual. I reckon you have got a bit spoilt with Malton and Ruthin because it is well above par by any UK standards. Impressive timbered buildings, a really tidy historic Market Square. Some impressive buildings like the Market,  County Offices and castle, and the hills from the Vale looming large in the background. Great Wetherspoons btw. Know what you mean about the dual language though, guy in the Castle Inn was showing off his command of Welsh on his bloody mobile very loudly.

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No good if you're 34 and still trying to start out though, it's a town for the over 50s. These pretty rural market towns are hell for young people.   

I'm self-employed and the other day was turned down for even a one-bedroom flat because the landlord wanted over 55s only. Thinking of moving to Wrexham. Or back to England. Heaven Help Me.

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This is the one I'm watching now.

Bought for £70,500 in 2011 and now wants £160,000!!

Literally round the corner from me. Belongs to an ex-landlord of mine who evicted me after a week of me moving in back in 2015 after I objected to him letting himself in to do DIY work on the property whenever he felt like it, even when I wasn't there.

He had trouble getting and retaining tenants and maybe the additional problem of section 24 and mandatory licensing in Wales has made him give up. Hope he loses it all. ?

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