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What happens when the system really fails?

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3 minutes ago, hotairmail said:

Don't be upset. I'm happy for you to accept an alternative view to mine.

I didn't describe it as a "deliberate plan", more a case of lack of caring and fitting a laissez faire that those in Parliament found easy to accept because it meant they didn't have to do anything.

Many did take action, but there was conflict of interest and inertia by some callous people, but even unified action wouldn't be enough.

India is different altogether, when to this day it contains more malnourished people than in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The famines were perhaps less signs of systems collapsing, but really examples of no proper systems existing in the first place.

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4 hours ago, hotairmail said:


EDIT: Just went back to see what I've ignored. I can't see anything. If you mean I've deliberately excised what you have quoted, that is simply how the forum software works. If I quote you, it doesn't quote your quotes.

Very buggy software, here is the quote again:

In 1847, at the height of the Famine, Ireland exported 39,000 tonnes of wheat, and 98,000 tonnes of oats , and imported 199,000 tonnes of wheat, 12,000 tonnes of oats and 682,000 tonnes of maize. Net imports of 756,000 tonnes, a change of 1,140,000 tonnes. The country lacked the milling, the baking, and the transport infrastructure needed cope with the change in the diet of almost half the population. The maize had to be milled twice.

Given the exceptional circumstances, that the response was inadequate cannot be denied. But how much more could have been processed is open to question.

The suggestion, often made elsewhere, that the problem could have been easily solved by ceasing all “food” exports lacks credibility, and Shane’s statement that “Ireland was actually a net exporter of food” is directly contradicted by the facts




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