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Corbyn's NY speech


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14 minutes ago, EnglishinWales said:

Say what you want about Corbyn but his heart is in the right place. He wants to see ordinary people living and working in decent conditions. The establishment do not and that's why they hate him.


No. He does not want to help ordinary working people. Hes not bothered with any in 40 years.

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11 hours ago, nothernsoul said:

The claim that the management structure within the nhs is completely internally created is untrue. Hundreds of millions of pounds was given to mckinsey to lead the most recent nhs restructuring, with civil servants and clinicians deliberately sidelined. It was a predictable disaster. 

McKinsey come in to an org and do what the management ask them to do.

Management consultants are just used as a cover to do what the insiders want to do.

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Both Labour and the Fabiens are insane


'A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn said: "Rebuilding Labour support after its fragmentation at the 2015 election was always going to be a challenge.'

Labour blew it in 2010. Its not 2015 that Labour are recovering from, its that loon Brown in 2002-2010.


'"But Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will be taking its case to every part of Britain in the coming months with a radical policy platform, offering the only genuine alternative to a failed parliament political establishment and the fake anti-elitists of the hard right."'



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Interesting that the BBC actually mentioned low-skilled migration to the UK.

Give a  few more months and theyll finally admit that its tax credits drawing a bunch of low skilled EEers to the UK.

What needs to happen is easy and obvious:

- No benefits to non UK nationals. Thas no TCs, CB or HB.

- Charege for cschool places - 5k/head.

- Insist on private medical cover, or enforce NHS repayments.

Do that, see how many people are left and then decide if you want to set an minimum salary.



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" A combative Jeremy Corbyn has said he welcomes the tough byelections triggered by the resignations of two Labour MPs as an opportunity to challenge the government. "


Richmond By-election result 

Yes, the Richmond one certain did that.

Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney 20,510 49.68 +30.41
  Independent Zac Goldsmith 18,638 45.15 -13.06[n 1]
  Labour Christian Wolmar 1,515 3.67 -8.67
  Monster Raving Loony Howling Laud Hope 184 0.45 N/A
  Independent Fiona Natasha Syms [63] 173 0.42 N/A
  Christian Peoples Dominic Francis Stockford 164 0.40 N/A
  One Love Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir 67 0.16 N/A
  No label David Powell 32 0.08 N/A



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