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Ring of steel

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A new "ring of steel" costing £5m has been proposed to protect the skyscrapers in London's "Square Mile" from terrorist attack.

Manned checkpoints, rising street bollards and crash-proof barricades are among the measures proposed.

It follows advice from MI5 and counter-terrorism police.

A Corporation of London report said they "had identified that the area was highly sensitive to... a hostile vehicle-borne security threat".




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The fact is that control over many radiation sources was lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union.  If a radioactive mixture is dispersed, its container turned into metal, then this could lead to the contamination of land districts or in the metallurgy field. If caesium were to fall into the hands of terrorists, then it could be dispersed in cities, on public transport and subways. This is a very real threat.

“It is like talcum powder, and spreads very easily,” Abel Gonzales, the director of the radiation and safe storage of radioactive waste division of the International Atomic Energy Association, was quoted by the paper as saying. “You don’t even need a bomb, all you need to do is open the container and people start dying.”




Steel rings will not stop a caesium-137 dirty bomb.

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5 hours ago, Si1 said:

5mil sound like chicken feed compared to the tax take from finance.

Exactly, that would be the tax that they're oh so happy to pay that they do everything to launder it.

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The UK government implemented a ring of steel post April 1992 – after an IRA car bomb outside Baltic Exchange in London's financial district kills three people and wounds 91. Who actually believes anything the press have to say?

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If it is actually a "square mile" then it's going to be about 4 miles long.  With things being priced the way they are it sounds like nearer £5 billion - so it should be funded by the square mile and not the taxpayer.

It won't all be steel - presumably there'll be plenty of huge concrete blocks fortifying the roads as well - a bit like some British and eu shopping centres.

So more aptly named a ring of concrete and steel or maybe a fortress of concrete and steel.

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