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NYT: The Perfect Weapon

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32 minutes ago, spyguy said:

Fine bit of journalism.

Great reading for the commute home -assuming you're not driving ...




It is a good read BUT, BUT, BUT... it just fulfils the narrative that is coming from the White House and from the Hilary Clinton campaign that Russia and Putin are behind all the evils in the world. Especially, as they continue to claim, that Putin somehow influenced the US election results via hacking.

That this is in the NY Times, which is thoroughly discredited now in the minds of all open-minded people re their obvious bias towards Clinton, just makes me thinks that this is more FUD and propaganda to try and benefit Obama/Clinton and beat the drums of war against Russia.

Did not Assange and the Wikileaks group state that the Pondesta email leaks did not come from Russian, Putin or little green men but did in fact come from a DNC insider?

It reads like propaganda bearing in mind all of the above. But it also reads, if there is any truth in it, like some comedy tragedy. The FBI ringing up the Democratic Party, supposedly repeatedly over several months, and telling them that their computers are hacked but not once ever visiting them in person? They didn't email because they did not want the hackers to know that the FBI was on to them but, apart from telephoning the IT guy at the DNC, the FBI appears to have done nothing else. Seriously?

If this article has any truth in it then the FBI come across as incompetent.

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I think Russia is well into cyber hacking.

They do not have much in the way of cash to get into a traditional war/confrontation with the West. And they know that.

They get more bang for their bucks just fiddly. And they can just shrug and say 'Not us!'

The FBI? Out of their remit. It would be the CIA or NSA who would deal with external threats. If the FBI knew then they should have kicked it up.

I dont think Russia 'hacked' the voting machines are anything.

They targeted orgs with weaker security and part-time staff - political campaigners would be easy - young,idelaistic technomoron, using '1234567' as a password.


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