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Annoying things people have said to me about houses


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Facebook argument I picked up on:


  You are so dim it is not worth responding... but here goes...a fall in the number of rental properties will drive up rental properties. Also the number of houses on the market switched from rental does not increase the number of houses in total, it just moves deckchairs on the titanic. With a swiftly rising population, the prices will continue to increase.  I am perfectly happy to ignore you and just watch as the money rolls in.

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I posted this quote from a facebook acquaintance on a thread about the petition against Help To Buy but it does fit quiet well here too because it is quite annoying.

Why don't you buy a house and stop complaining about the housing market and everything to do with it. Your the only person i know without a house that knows so much about buying and owning a house. You know more about it than some people who own a house.

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