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Moving to London next week

Kurt Barlow

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Moving to London next week after 6 years abroad and in the new year looking for a 2 bed apartment as Mrs B and Jnr moving over in early Feb.

Budget is around 1300 pcm for an apartment in the Enfield (Chase SIde area).

Any advice on haggle targets (5/10% off asking price) and also whats should I expect to be robbed of for a tenancy fee?

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Yep, years since I lived there.  I guess I would trying to work out how long their void was and how hot the market is. You have to start with at least 10% below asking I'd have thought unless it is a super white hot area. Enfield? I'm guessing it is not. 

My advice look at some unsuitable ones first and practice your offers on them. 

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All I can advise is check whether the apartment is on with another agency and then compare tenancy fees. A lot of the flats we looked at before finding one were on with multiple agents. We could have ended up paying a lot more fees than we actually paid (£480 in the end) so saved a few hundred pounds in the end.

Our rent is £1685 a month but we're moving to Hammersmith. You should easily find something decent for £1300 though.

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Hey Kurt Barlow,


I suppose you have already moved, but I am in the same position right now; looking for a 2 to 3 bedroom apartment in London, have a lot of luggage to move and zero time for the whole thing. A friend of mine even suggested to contact local helpers for hire to make things easier.

I would be happy if you share your experience, maybe give some information about rent prices and hopefully moving services prices if you used any.


Thanks a lot,





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