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In Limbo - sale completed, purchase fell through

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In short, I've sold my house after pressure from the buyers that if we didn't complete on a given date they'd pull out.  I'd been on the market for 1 year with 1 buyer having already pulled out.


The day before completion, my solicitor raised some issue over the property I was buying not having been registered at the land registry properly.  I ended up agreeing with the sellers that I'd move in on a 1 month holiday let while the loose ends were sorted out.


Fast forward a couple of weeks, the vendors have decided their paperwork isn't in order & they are pulling out.  They want me out on 18 December.


Great... just in time for Christmas with nowhere to live....


Just wondering if anyone has been in this limbo before?  I can honestly say this is turning out to be the most stressful period of my entire life - I'm not sleeping, my work is suffering, I'm irritable all the time.


What worries me is that the longer I'm in this position, the more my credit score is going to suffer.  I really don't want to go into long term rent - I just want to buy another house ASAP and move in.

My only glimmer of hope is that I agreed my sale back in March & hopefully prices aren't going to rocket post-Brexit.

Anyone been here & got through it ok?

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Sorry to hear of your predicament. That's a chain for you and why the usually all exchange together.

On the plus side, sounds like you got shot of something tricky to sell and prices are certainly looking more likely to drop than rise.

You dont say if you have a family,  try calling the old folks or mates and asking if the have a couple spare rooms and would like someone to cook em Christmas lunch :)

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I'm not sure but think that a contract has been formed, especially if you are paying rent.  Given this, they cannot just force you to leave.  

I know this is heresy on hpc. :) but try posting on the mse forum as there as some  people on there who might be able to offer a more informed opinion

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