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Young people are screwed compared to the older generation in 9 charts

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The chart below I would lay the blame of mass immigration to.  Younger Brits are directly competing with unskilled immigrants, and boom - look how the wages on those jobs have tumbled.


......and the following chart shows just how society is utterly impacted by high house prices.  Can anyone young these days believe that 30%+ of 16 to 24 year olds were home owners in 1990? They were.



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Don't forget that the wartime generation had it so much tougher.

Anybody watch 10 Rillington Place. Christie comes out of prison and by 1940 manages to get a job in the police. This then pays for a flat ? in a palisaded mansion in central London and moves his estranged wife in and visits hookers every night. Meanwhile the rambling joint, suitable for 40 Poles, is perfect to murder at least 8 women and bury the remains whilst his wife is ignorant of what is going on until she gets it too.

Ok slight exaggeration but seriously you couldn't make this up ...especially getting the flat and job in the police. Do the precariats get these chances today.

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