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Investigatory Powers Bill

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Yet again the UK has fallen for the usual "hey look over there" approach to politics. Whilst everyone was posting their funny Trump memes and insightful thoughts about another country's government, our own all but slipped through new laws about the internet. The first being that Internet Service Providers are now required to store a year worth of your browsing history for a number of organisations to just request if they deem it's needed. Sure, some of them may seem logical like the police, but when the Job Centre has the right to request ALL of your browsing history you have to wonder where it will stop.

Whilst I fully support the authorities desire to tackle terrorism, the list of who can use these powers is unbelievable. Although I am surprised local councils are not on the list.

  • Metropolitan police force
  • City of London police force
  • Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
  • Police Service of Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • Royal Navy Police
  • Royal Military Police
  • Royal Air Force Police
  • Security Service
  • Secret Intelligence Service
  • GCHQ
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of Health
  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Crime Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
  • Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
  • Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
  • Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Gambling Commission
  • Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
  • Information Commissioner
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
  • Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
  • Office of Communications
  • Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
  • Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
  • Scottish Ambulance Service Board
  • Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust

Theresa May is now looking to be a watered down version of Trump!

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Is this part of the Digital Economy Bill or something else?



A Bill To make provision about electronic communications infrastructure and services; to provide for restricting access to online pornography; to make provision about protection of intellectual property in connection with electronic communications; to make provision about data-sharing; to make provision about functions of OFCOM in relation to the BBC; to provide for determination by the BBC of age-related TV licence fee concessions; to make provision about the regulation of direct marketing; to make other provision about OFCOM and its functions; and for connected purposes.



I rather boldly announced that “If government is planning to gain greater access to our private information, store it, share it and potentially create large databases of it, we will face a data sharing scheme which would make the intrusive and scrapped ID card scheme blush.”


There's clearly a lack of clarity about  where this data will end up....obviously by design. 


Time to be ultra careful what one posts perhaps and look for ways to protect yourself online. 

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- protonmail is good for encrypted mail. Based in Switzerland.

- A Good VPN (or several), on an encrypted/clean laptop for more secure communications. 

- Keep mobile phones in the fridge.

- Tape over webcams, disconnect microphones and headphones.


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