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The Hitchens Brothers

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8 hours ago, Alba said:

Was/is Peter Hitchens always in his brother's intellectual shadow?

Only in his shadow as far as fame and, possibly, charisma is concerned.  Christopher Hitchens was wrong about almost everything, from Henry Kissinger to the Iraq war.

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23 minutes ago, Shaneyson said:

I haven't got to any Christopher Hitchens stuff yet. I am familiar with this idea that Peter stands quite firmly in his brothers shadow. If that is the case I am prepared to be astounded.

I have not seen anything where Peter has had his viewpoint challenged in a plausible argument, but would really like someone to show me something. One of his more recent talks (which I am pretty sure was posted on here before) I found very thought provoking.


I saw that before, It's pretty good albeit  Hitchens was not on best form. His abortion rant was particularly bizarre.

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44 minutes ago, SNACR said:

Christopher was Oxford PPE his brother wasn't.

Christopher Hitchens was a former Trotskyist who wrote for the International Socialist back in the 1970s

Like so many of his ilk he went onto become an apologist for neo-liberal globalist war mongering in the Bush/Blair era

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Likewise I haven't read much of Christopher Hitchens' writings.

IMO Peter Hitchens has the ability speak some common-sense, but has too much baggage and tribalism to see clearly.

There was an interesting episode of Question Time which had both Will Self, something of a left-leaning self-styled intellectual, and Peter Hitchens, a sort of right-wing raving nutter in the same way as his compatriot and Daily Mail writer Melanie Phillips, were on the same programme.

It was like a game of tennis where the net and the court were absent - the nuances, the grey areas, requiring much greater sophistication to comprehend, were stripped away, and two entrenched positions clashed.

I'd humbly suggest that the threshold required for "intelligence" is to be able to weigh things objectively and punch past this, and both failed.

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