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Libleft Skullduggery at Wikipedia

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You know how Wiki uses predictive text technology as you type in your search term.

Try typing in "donald t", and at that point the list of suggestions is the following:

Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016

Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations

Donald Trump and Billy Bush recording

Donald Trump filmography

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump (Last Week Tonight)

This list remains unaltered as you proceed to type in "r", "u" and "m".  Only when you complete the term with a "p" do you finally get the man himself at the top of the list.

I want to know how the above ranking was determined.  What possible justification can there be for ranking the lesser-known synonymous son above his father, let along episodes in the man's life above the man's entire biography?

Has anyone come across similar absurdities on Wiki, and if so, do they tend to follow a pattern of supporting a given political agenda (and always the same agenda)?

If so, then Jimmy Wales can forget all about any more begging-bowl cookies as far as I'm concerned.


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If we're talking Wikipedia, then it appears to use the MediaWiki software, and the behaviour you're referring to is "autocomplete".

The software is freely available for anyone to use/read and there is a good amount of documentation too. Here is a link to how the autocomplete feature is enabled:


And to the API that is used for results:


Although not an exact answer, this should help point you in the right direction.

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