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Hate Crimes - Brexit

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Anyone else noticed the media keep on banging on about these "hate crimes" which only seem to have sprung up funnily enough since the brexit vote? For instance yesterday: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-hunt-man-after-polish-woman-floored-by-punch-in-race-row-on-district-line-tube-train-a3385591.html

Sounds to me a man and woman having a fight over god knows what and the media trying to stick in the narrative that it's some sort of race crime because the man may or may of not of called her Polish. So now mentioning someone's nationality in an argument/fight is now a hate crime?

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They aren't crimes, they're reports of crimes. Not the same thing. You can report a crime on the poloce.gov.uk website anonymously.

Of course it's a media stitch up with the aim of whipping up anti-Brexit feeling. The leftie in charge of the campaign was revealed in Breitbart, the usual sore loser apologist type. Best to ignore the mainstream news.

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There was the case of 2 polish men being sentenced to jail for 4 months for throwing bacon at Muslims in the news this week. I presume that won't get blamed on Brexit, even if the 'victims' were UK passport holders? There was a case of a woman getting 4 months in Rotherham this week for 'hurling' racial abuse (she sounds mentally ill TBH) - now that could get dumped at the feet of Brexit.http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/woman-jailed-tor-hurling-racial-abuse-at-two-people-1-8215196

As for the self reporting of crimes, whether on police.gov.uk or the likes of Tell Mama, I'm sure 50+% are spuriously reported to achieve political aims.

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