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Just a bit of a random rant coming from my Facebook feed, which I'm sure some other people can relate to. I saw earlier today a post from a woman that I used to go to school with, the post was along the lines of a photo of a new build 4 bed house in the south which she can't wait to move into etc etc. The thing that makes this stand out more than anything for me is that she was an absolute thick as s#**t at school and had a mouth you couldn't shut up, also you knew as soon as she left school she would have a load of kids, and supprise supprise she did, think 4 now at the age of 30. It made we wonder how the hell has she managed to get a detached 4 bed house in the south, has to be well over £400,000, I guess the bf must have a good job,/bomad or most likely they have used the wonderful htb. Also one of her best mates is buying same style house, which again was thick as s**#t at school. Makes me wonder now the system is completely and utterly wreaked.

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So she's in her early 50s? 30 year old kids. Or did I read that wrong?

Edit: Nevermind, you mean she's 30, sorry :ph34r:

Probably a mixture of liar loans, government handouts/benefits and borrowing up to the hilt. I wouldn't be too jealous.

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