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Uk Interest Rates To Stay Frozen

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Not so sure it is - sorry Dr. Bubb and everyone else - my mind's being stewed by a copywriting job I've got on at the mo - we'll have to wait until 25 Jan for Jan minutes (and 15 Feb for the next inflation report) darn!

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The page is headed 21st Jan which could indicate it is for the latest meeting. But the comment says it's for "last month". Very confusing. Onbalance I think it's not the most recent meeting.

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A bad news for: personal loan, credit card and mortgage holders.

Why is no change bad news?

Surely no-one is relying on a rate cut to be able to service their mortgage/debt? :blink:

What are the people who have stretched themselves to breaking-point going to do if/when rates do go up?

No-one knows what rates are going to be next month, next year, or in two years time, so I guess those people who have stretched themselves to buy a home in the recent low interest rate era are banking-on their wages growing enough to cover any future interest rate rises.

Though I wonder how many recent home-buyers are blissfully unaware of the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads?

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