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"help! I Need Money Fast!"

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As seen on uk.finance newsgroup earlier :-

Can anyone suggest how I can get my hands on £7500 (some kind of loan)

within the next *12 days* to stop my house being repossessed while I'm

waiting for a remortgage? This loan would be paid as soon as the

remortgage comes through.

Our circumstances have recently changed and we're now able to pay the

mortgage (and remortgage) comfortably, but it's too late if we can't

pay off the current arrears ASAP. What's even worse is that the

property is now worth double the mortgage!

Any suggestions?

Please help.


Gotta keep those plates spinning!

P.S. Another cause of being caught out by mortgage fraud? It doesn't seem to be banks who are finding them out, they will be the last to know.

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The BMW sharks on SP will get to him quickly enough

Maybe we should try and flog them some 'BMW' shares? One's that are cheaper than they were last year, pick an arbitrary tidemark and call that the 'market value'.

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