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New £5 note features

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OK. So yesterday I get my hands on one of the new plastic £5 notes for the first time. After the, unsurprising, initial period of reflecting on its monopoly money child like size - a further symbolic representation of the diminishing value of our cash.......I noted the clever features in it.

One such is the face portraits oriented in one direction on one side and, when turning the note over, said portraits now oriented  the other way.  In particular the quuens head on the small transparent section on left hand side.

My immediate reaction is "that's neat" and then spending hours scratching my head to work out how it's done.

Someone put me out of my misery and tell me or point me to a website that explains the technology behind it.  Thanks

I should add that it seems odd to me to introduce such high tech anti-counterfeiting measures on a note that no one bother to counterfeit, on account of its relatively piddly value - as well as one that is likely next in line to be replaced by a coin, as was the £1 note.

Surely it would have made more sense to introduce these measures on to the £20 or even £50 note first?

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I'm surprised that it hasn't turned into a coin instead, but anyway. If it's not going to be a coin and you're going to replace a note with one that's more robust it makes sense for it to be the £5 note, which are the quickest to fall apart. And you may as well stick some new security features in while you're at it (it may also give some idea about how hard they are to defeat when it comes to replacing more valuable notes later).

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