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No more art history a level

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Caroline Osborne, an art history teacher for more than 30 years, and a founder trustee of the Art History In Schools campaign group, called the decision to drop the A-level “crazy, completely crazy”. She added: “The timing is insane. AQA is saying there aren’t enough teachers to teach the subject - that is one of the very subjects that we have founded this organisation to address.”

One art history teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, described the decision as “really sad and incredibly short-sighted – and directly caused by government interference”.

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Ha! My daughter's doing a degree in just this. I'm the sort of dinosaur thinker who believes people should train in more practical stuff, but she does already have good employment prospects and now, with the value of scarcity, she should be a few grand a year better off.

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53 minutes ago, Frank Hovis said:


Is this some class warfare thing because Art History has always been a posh person's subject?

I knew a few non-posh people who did Art History.

Used to go out with one at Uni - huge boobs.

OK, Id say, just run what you study by me again.

Fortunately her huge boobs distracted me.

Teacher now.

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1 hour ago, Bossybabe said:

I wonder if universities will drop Art History degrees. After all, how else will royals get degrees??


1 hour ago, spyguy said:

Thats shocking!

What will thick middle class kids study - maths?

Estate Management. Although that was always for the Tim Nice but Dims and the Sloane girls would do Art History.  

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Pollocks. It's Goya be about the Monet? 


Getting coat ......

BTW Was a bit worried about spyguy - my sister did History of Art at uni but she doesn't have massive norks so worry over.

PS Have you finally sorted your tablet Mr Spy? 

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