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Another Brown Mess--350 Million On Property Lost

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Gordon Brown was accused of striking "a lousy deal" for taxpayers last night after it emerged that a second privatisation allowed a select group of foreign investors - including the billionaire George Soros and the investment bank Goldman Sachs - to make hundreds of millions of pounds from former public assets.
Alan Duncan, the shadow trade and industry secretary, said: "It looks as though that was another lousy deal by Gordon Brown. He's been hopeless on gold, and left money on the table here. He's sacrificed long-term value for short-term cash."

The economic miracle is looking sadder by the day........

But, there is praise for young Gordon:


A leading economist has attacked Government policies on public spending while at the same time praising Chancellor Gordon Brown, saying he would make an "excellent Prime Minister".
He said he initially welcomed the Government's policy of increasing public spending in the late 1990s as the Government inherited an infrastructure that needed more investment.
"But it was supposed to be accompanied by reforms in how the money was spent and that they didn't do. We now have 25% of the hospitals going bankrupt and wards closing...the productivity that they have got from this new spending is abysmally low."

This article says that Gordon has done a fine job with the economy but failed to address the fundamental problems such as excessive government expenditure and failure to improve the nation's infrastructure. Hmmm, so what did he do right? I know, its high house prices!!!

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Guest Riser

Loks like next week is not going to get any better for Brown:

Black Wednesday looms for Chancellor

Treasury committee and Institute for Fiscal Studies pour scorn on Gordon Brown's figures

By Jason Nissé Published: 22 January 2006

Gordon Brown faces a personal black Wednesday, with a Com-mons committee and an influential think-tank both set to pour scorn on his public finance projections on the same day.

The Treasury Select Committee, in assessing December's pre-Budget report (PBR), will rubbish the Chancellor's assertion that he can save £21bn over four years from the public sector spending review led by former GEC boss Sir Peter Gershon.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is expected to say that the Chancellor will have to further increase taxes even if he achieves the £8.5bn he has said he will cut from spending this year..........

......Professor Spencer says the Chancellor will have to revise his estimates again.

"If he were the chief executive of a public company, eyebrows would be raised as he has had eight profits warnings and is coming up for his ninth, yet he still expects to be promoted to chairman," he said.

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