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Dozens Desperate To Get On Holiday Ladder Camp For Homes. Pr Stunt?

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so this couple of retards have 12kish saved and they are using a help 2 buy equity loan, they say that prices have "rocketed" so they now want 2 pay "rocket" prices 4 their house. nicely done guys, u deserve a medal, someone give them there medal for paying rocket prices. thats the best idea ive heard, camp outside 4 days 2 pay rocket prices, dam ive had it wrong all these years, if i cant beat them join them, can i pay rocket prices now? sounds like fun :D

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wow look at all the people camping out there, waiting to buy!


Jim - go out to Millets and buy a few tents, and stick them outside the Sales office, so you know, we look a bit busy.

Edited by 200p

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Mark Leach is also looking for a two bedroom home to share with fiancé Nicolle Barbercorr 2 Ls. Similar first time buyers, they arrived first thing on Friday morning but were already 25th in the queue and unsure of the numbers of two beds compared to three, weren’t confident in their chances of getting a home.

hahaha. A+ editing.

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Most of these 'buyers' look as if they couldn't afford a packet of Woodbines, let alone a slavebox. Not a decent pair of shoes among 'em...

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