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Student Rent Strike Campaigns Gathering Pace

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The comment I like ,

"These are students who are unwilling to pay their rent, not unable to pay their rent. If they were unable to pay their rent then the market would correct itself, and we'd see more affordable accommodation built."..

Why does their rent need to go up. I assume that the staff servicing the buildings will have seen their pay rise at the same rate as these rent increases if not why are they raising the rent.

Many issues highlighted by students are senseless but with this they've bang on and should find widespread support comes their way.

Mods I can' t edit my profile nor edit any of my posts please help.

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The distinction between are 'unwilling' and 'unable' comes purely because the amount you can *borrow* as a student has skyrocketed as well. The parasites might be fine with the financialisation, but these kids have every reason to protest it.

I looked into my halls of residence fees and yup, quadrupled in 17 years too. Not in London.

Expected starting salary has barely moved.

The sensible student says, f**k that - no one consulted me and asked if I wanted to get into debt, and good on them for approaching it like this.

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Thing is, with the bread, we (currently) have a choice not to borrow money to buy it.

The students are in effect forced to borrow the money (the choice is whether or not to go to uni), and the parasites then capture as much of that as possible, because they know exactly how much a student 'has'.

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In reality student rent is not cheaper in other parts of the country.

Student rents are set at just above the value of the maintenance loan.

The 'younger' generations are being held to ransom because it's either pay or live on the streets.

I am a boomer who has done very well out of the mess, but I can see how unproductive and anti social the current housing situation is, I won't say market.

I do have kids in their twenties who are both studying away from home.

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