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You would be fkd if the kids start realizing what a debt scam uni is now.

Some kids are starting to get it.

I think they do get it. Do a Humanities degree, get a 50k loan, get a job in recruitment or marketing that didn't really require all that extended education.

However, it's about the rite of passage innit. So we collectively ignore the inconvenient truth.

And may be a 50k three year rite of passage is a bargain especially if most of it eventually gets written off.

Also we have 400k loans on slums in Cambridge, so I guess we owe it to the folk of Cambridge to keep spunking money their way.

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I was tempted to write "shoeshine moment" but we are long past that point.

Education and Property...2 bubbles in one...bubble squared.

No thanks.

Blair must be proud of his twin legacies. They are so big he really must question if he is actually the Messiah.

All future PMs will look upon his works and despair.

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