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Sy3 Sold In 3 (days)

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Friend just sold 4 bed detached in Shrewsbury.

4 valuations - £280,000, £265,000 & two at £250,000. Put it on at £275,000. Sold at £272,000 in 3 days with 3 offers all from people with nothing to sell.

Identical house sold September 2005 for £265,000.

Looks like my predictions are right.

Big falls yess, but not everywhere and not at the same time.


Obviously some are going to sell.. at full price..

Its just tjhat fewer do now.. when 100% did 18 months ago..

its a swinging market where every transaction sets its own price..

a seller can wait for full price...

but trust me, a buyer can hunt round for comparative massive bargains.

no envy.. no jealously..

Just understand the market.

see the change..

and buy at the right price.

for me, in my situation, where I live.

I am seeing massive drops in properties I am interested in.


I would have spent £40,000 more a year ago.


If you made a great deal by beeing lucky..

I can save a great deal by patience and understanding.

Just a market.. thats all its ever been.. just a market..

I do not know much, but I know enough to understand that there are a finite amount of people who will be able to achieve current markeprices..

they dry up..

I just don't want to be holding property at todays value when they do..?

Now you think you have problems...

Its a lovely day and I can't decide which of my motorbikes I should take out..

these dilema's

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Top Posters In This Topic

Excellent news. I sold a property before Xmas with no trouble, and no reduction. If there's a crash, I don't smell it. I do smell jealousy, envy here though...


I didn't know bulls had a particularly good sense of smell?

really, we are just pointing out your rank stupidity and failure to realise basic economics but (all together now), it's different this time, isn't it?

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Guest Bart of Darkness

Excellent news. I sold a property before Xmas with no trouble, and no reduction. If there's a crash, I don't smell it. I do smell jealousy, envy here though...


You must be using a more advanced browser than me lookingafterthekids karen1000.

What does envy smell like over the web then? Like cold sweat dripping from a desperate bull's armpit, flavoured ever so slightly by their (stale) underarm deodorant?

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I have no idea why people argue this..

Being a right saddo I have looked into every facet I can see relevent to the housing market.

I have looked into who is investing, where the money comes from. More importantly where it will need to come from.

I have watched demand outstrip supply, but I have seen that swing massivly to supply outstripping demand..

I have.............



Not once in history has there been a bubble that has not burst.

The above line.

Never once..


no examples..

not one..

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