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Zoopla Revealed A Surge In Property Listings

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Zoopla profits are on track to hit the top end of forecasts

Last month it had 13,275 companies listing on its sites, and the number of properties listed was 925,000 — up 5% on August last year. It added that it expects growth to continue in the second half.

Number of property listing is hitting the top end.

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I'm in two minds as to whether there will be a crash soon or not.

More listings, yes. Not necessarily more choice. I've seen property listings increase in my area but there are certain "middle" bands that a typical joint-mortgage will afford where they get scooped up quickly. This leaves increasingly poorer quality and worse area properties appearing in their place for the same kind of money. If you buy now you are more likely to be buying into the worst of the stock from recent years inventories. You won't really get a deal whilst people can stretch everything onto a 2% fixed. I remember this kind of parallel to 2008 with the crazy lending going on.

Yet I also seem to remember a phase in the last cycle where "everybody is trying to cash in" and it turned out that the bubble subsequently went a lot higher..., that was about 2003/2004.

They will hold IR close to zero until their hand is forced. It will take something spectacular. Until that happens and people are forced to sell once again, choice is just an illusion.

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There may be more properties "on the market" but are they selling? I get a monthly sales update for property sales in my immediate neighbourhood and the numbers sold for the past 2 months on LR sales is much reduced from previously. These would be sales from several months back bearing in mind the delay in registering sales with the Land Registry. Today there were 3 sold in the report when previously there would be at least 10 most months. This is in a market town along the M4.

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AdamLancs, I kind of agree. I think the top end will keep falling slowly. If Brexit does mean Brexit, as May is fond of saying, and we actually do leave on the kind of terms most people want, I can see that being a risk factor in London and the SE in particular. It has got to the point where any and all risks might be the straw the breaks the camel's back, because so many people expect it to happen now.

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