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The Masked Tulip

Abducted Great Falls Woman Talked To Husband, Daughter Before Death

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This is awful.

Trapped in the trunk of her car on a terrifying trip from Montana to Washington, a kidnapped Rita Maze was able to make contact with her husband and daughter before she died.

The Great Falls woman told her family at 10:25 p.m. Tuesday that “a large man in a black hoodie” hit her on the head and put her into a trunk of a car at a rest stop near Wolf Creek on Tuesday morning. She wasn’t even sure if she was in her car or not.


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Awful, but in a population of 360 million, not unexpected to have a few crazies.

If I get kidnapped I'm going to phone the BBC and use the opportunity to tell some home truths about.....the BBC. Live. On Air.

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You read this sort of stuff and thnk why? Was she a secret meth lab dealer.

Then you realise there are dome nutcases floating around. See Dutch Uni Pro who got stabbed by a foriegn dosser wnilst posting his daughters Ive been born cards.

With Peter Sutvliffe beung rehoused, I reread some of hus stuff. Started on prossies then just went for who was around. God the poluce were fcking useless. A workmate walked into the station house and told them it was Sutcliffe.

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I read many years ago that the FBI suspected something like 300 serial killers on the loose in the US. I thought that was an extreme number but I suppose, in a population of 300 million and that serial killers might have many years between killings, that such a number is possible.

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