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Western Morning News, Main Headline "new Growth In Homes Market"

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Looks like the VI’s and EA’s are working hard to stop any idea of a “slow down”

in the West Country.

Given that FTB in this part of the world have no chance, a better headline

would have been “FTB and locals priced out of market”.

Even in their comments column they seem to give the opinion

tough if your at the bottom.

I have a daughter, together with her partner renting in Exeter, who

have no chance unless they go 6 or 7 time income for a s**thole.

One very disgusted west country local….YES I am going to email them as well.


The Westcountry property market has survived a slowdown and is now on the up again, estate agents said yesterday.

During 2005, house price values in the region rose only gradually, compared to the heady 25 per cent rise over the previous two years.

But estate agents predict that 2006 will once again see healthy rises. A host of optimistic predictions are made in the latest survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published this week.

Michael Joyce of Cooper and Tanner in Frome said: "Next year is going to be great."

Peter Symons, a partner of Stags in Totnes, South Devon, said: "The market is quietly confident."

And RICS residential spokesman Jeremy Leaf said: "The market is definitely seeing signs of a recovery."

Estate agents writing in today's WMN New Year Property Review are united in their opinion that the housing market in the region has turned a corner. All speak of an increase in business building steadily throughout last year, giving them one of the busiest Christmases on record, and say it bodes well for this year.

Peter Symons said: "The beauty of our landscape and attractive quality of life proved irresistible to those seeking a lifestyle change."

Many feel that with reports of record City bonuses that will only continue.

Robin Thomas, partner in charge of the Exeter office of Strutt and Parker, says: "We have already sold a property on Dartmoor to someone who anticipates receiving a high bonus in the next few weeks.

"This year will, in my opinion, see a much more active and buoyant market. There are a number of blue chip purchasers registering with us, mainly cash buyers, keen to move to the Westcountry."

But, like other local commentators, he does not expect a return to the boom in prices that saw values soar by as much as 25 per cent two years ago. Most agree that a long-predicted and welcome stability has returned to the market, which is still balanced in favour of the buyer and requiring keen pricing and immaculate presentation to obtain a good sale.

Local members of the TEAM network of independent estate agents in the region are confident that the local market has made a full recovery. Their research reveals that houses take less time to sell in the Westcountry than other areas, with a quicker turnaround time - more property sales completed within six months in December than the national average for the same period, and this is getting better each month. They say the average price of property in the region is now the third highest in the country after Greater London and the South East.

Steve Moir, partner of Hennings Moir in Saltash, said: "Many so-called market experts predicted doom and gloom in 2005, with the worse case being a 20 per cent drop in prices. These fears were unfounded."

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i know. its shite. they blow it like its the most important news in the world. even the bbc are at it.

makes me sick. to huge swathes of the papers area this is dire news, but to a few property rich moguls its what matters. its a shame that because they spend so much with the paper that they abandon news and become propaganda merchants. it does make you look at the whole system and think twice after reading anything.

in a way this property bubble is destroying each local economy as it eats up all spare commercial spend hurting local businesses. this paper doesnt seem to think thats important. or that the local news and economy are important. jobs, transport and general news goes out of the window and is only there to draw you in to read about the VIs property 'gossip'.

just dont buy the paper.

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