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As a renter, the most you'll pay is £20 per tenant (or guarantor) for reference checks.

Hopefully this is the future.

I have secured a property through them. First month's rent and deposit to Openrent, subsequent rent will go straight to landlord and I will deal with the landlord directly for queries. My deposit was secured with the DPS very rapidly.

So much better than dealing with greedy letting agents.

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It's not the future, it's already here!

There have been so many disruptive technologies of late, that take out the middleman and reduce costs for the everyday consumer.

Investment roboadvisers are a good example. You can now avoid paying fund managers and get comparable returns.

You've got health and fitness apps, that in theory negate the need for a personal trainer.

3D printing is a HUGE one. Imagine not having to pay mega $$$ for official parts for your car, prosthetic limb, camera, you name it, and instead just print it off at home!

Of course there's also Uber and airbnb..

..and there's so many more on the horizon..

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It's not the future, it's already here!

Yes, they're already here, and been around for a long time, but online lettings and estate agencies haven't taken off. It's quite surprising really considering how much money can be saved and how online shopping has been a part of everyday life for around a decade now.

Anyway, sites such as Purplebricks seem to be gaining traction. It seems that only by listing on Rightmove or Zoopla can these sites gain an audience. I guess that when a few online agencies become household names they won't have to rely on the property listings website middlemen, and prices could become even more competitive for both tenant and landlord.

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