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Kick 'em While They're Down...jedi Mind Tricks

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There's something i've been thinking about for a while (and yes...I know...I need to get out more) but if you've seen my post in anecdotals, you'll see that a I hate BTL landlords and everything they stand for, and for very good reason too. Yes, its (numerous) governments faults for encouraging it/the rules that allow it, but I still hate the greedy shelfish feckers, it's hard not to right?

Anyway I was just thinking, it would be very cool and beneficial (or not?) to produce a letter/leaflet that highlights all the upcoming issues facing BTL i.e.

- Section 24

- Increase in 2nd home tax

- Falling house prices

- Brexit & immigration falling

- More and students moving into Halls

- That they should sell up "immediately", while they still can!

etc etc

We could then print off and post the letter boxes of our selfless pillars of the communities (or so they'd liked to seem themselves)

Admittedly most wont pay any attention, but it's purely to sow that "tiny" seed of doubt in their minds, and get them thinking..."mmm maybe i should re-think this BTL slumlord malarky"

But if it puts off just one of them, it would be worth it IMO, plus there will be those thick as pigsh!t newbie BTL's who probably don't even know about these changes so that's even better

There's a post by whitemice ATM called "New Infographic: 7 Ways You’Re Paying For High House Prices"

Something along those lines would be great!

The reason I'm posting this is because I wouldn't know how to word this succinctly! I.e. I actually don't know all the details of whats happening RE rule changes, so any pointers welcome.

Additionally maybe we should all arrange viewings of said local BTL properties, and we can watch from our windows as they wonder why the potential tenant they're so desperate for hasn't turned up...hopefully & slowly converting them to "pahh...why am bothering with this BTL nonsense!!" kind of thinking....oh the simple pleasures :)

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Either the BTL guys are right (and they believe that they are so they will stay at the table if they can) or they are wrong (in which case they will be driven from the table by circumstance regardless or what you or I say).

We can discuss it and act in light of those discussions but that changes very little.

I've been on here a while now and in my opinion this is a place to think. There should be no cause here.

We should be grateful to the moderators who mean that this place to think exists and we should make of it what we will. If you want to bring people around to your way of thinking write engaging and convincing posts.

Most of "them" aren't down - they are up. That's how 9% HPI works. And most of "them" don't even know we are here.

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