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Landlord Licensing

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Carl has worked extensively on the Landlord License Scheme and it has taken 2 years to make progress on this project.
Councillors are keen to pilot the Landlord License Scheme in Moston. The Moston Lane area along with 3 other areas in Greater Manchester will form the pilot. The legislation applicable here is complicated and Government won’t allow Greater Manchester to have the Landlord License Scheme applicable across the entire conurbation. That means that any other area that would like to be part of the pilot will have to find evidence in order to justify a licensing scheme e.g. bins, anti-social behaviour, turnover of undesirables in the area etc.
Pilot schemes are self-funding (from the license fee) and while it cannot fund council services, it can fund the roll out of the Scheme to other areas.
3 hot spots have been identified in the New Moston area where certain streets have a high transient population. If the pilot in the Moston Lane area works, New Moston has been identified as forming Phase 2 of the Scheme and there will be a drive to gather the required evidence to apply for the Landlord License Scheme for the area.
In brief, the Scheme mandates that a landlord will be required to get a licence in order to rent out their property. If they are found to be renting without a license, they will be fined.
If a landlord is advised of problem activities from a tenant, and the tenant takes no action, the landlord’s license will be at risk.
The Scheme allocates increased responsibility to the Landlord for tenant activity/behaviour and allows the Council to enforce the rules.
Under the old scheme, the Council relied on landlords to self-register and so the scheme didn’t work properly. Under this new system, the Council will be able to identify those landlords that are not registered and they will be fined.
If any fines go overdue, escalating fees will also apply.

It is important to note that problem tenants and landlords are a minority; however their impact on communities is huge! The Scheme is designed to tackle this minority to make life better for the community.

From local homewatch minutes

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Self registering, yeah that was going to work among a cohort who have a disproportionate representation of tax evaders....

Time to get real on the types of people we are dealing with ie shameless chancers.

I think I have posted before about it and it was an ineffectual scheme. Landlords shouldn't need to be registered to be dealt with. There needs to be some support at CAB level and from the courts.

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The focus in the OP quote seems to be more a concern about tenant behaviour than about landlord standards.

I'd be interested to know (well, not that interested - I can't be bothered to google) how a tenant's rights are protected and what is contracted away.

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my local council is proposing this and hidden away amongst pages and pages of text is the fact that I have to tell the landlord the names of all the occupants, as well as which room they are sleeping in, which he then needs to give to the council. And update him if that changes. The way my wife rearranges stuff in this puny flat to give us more space I'll be updating him weekly. ( we have three identical rooms, either of which can be a bedroom or a lounge, and she keeps changing her mind)

so the "landlord licensing" scheme ends up being the tenant gives up that info without any regard for their privacy. (all in the name of protecting me, I suppose)

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