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"Gearing is most useful when property prices are rising strongly. At present prices in the UK are, at best, drifting sideways. In these circumstances investors are arguably better off holding onto their rental income (especially when it’s tax free inside a SIPP), rather than using it to pay off borrowings.

Although affordability could be a serious issue After a-Day, the property investment industry is evolving rapidly. Experts such as Tailormade for Accountants (www. tm4ac.com) are currently devising pooled arrangements for SIPP investors which allow your clients to invest smaller chunks of money.

Furthermore, the introduction of real estate investment trusts and other investment funds will probably allow pension savers to own part of a big portfolio of commercial and residential properties for a very small outlay.

Finally, you can be sure that clever investment advisers will come up with special products to get around the borrowing restrictions, for example by putting highly geared property investments into alternative legal structures and getting investors to put these indirect property investments into their SIPPs."

Well the guy does not mince his words, does he? Nice comment about renting vs buying.

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This guy has a phd..

Granted it wasn't in

"Advanced keeping your website up to date string theories"

Or in this either

"Never being very wrong about quite how much free money the government usually likes to give away dynamic isotopes"

So if anyone wished to drop hime a line through the automatic form on his website here


He would perhaps appreciatte it.

I am only being nice.

In no way did I view his posting on the accountancy website as pompous and gloating about quite how much money he was going to make from tax breaks I as a working Joe would have had to subsidise whilst properties remained out of my reach..

I am just being nice and thought that he would like to know how out of date his website is now.

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