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1.5 Million Pound Sterling ...

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Brexit has managed to knock 100k off the asking price. I'd get your offer in quickly if you want to secure this.

The last sale in that area was this. 325k in 2002 and 1m in 2013. Currently on the market for rental at £4000 pcm. The 'just rent it out, init' really does seem to work in London.

It's well past the time to abandon the London search unless you are collecting a lottery win or about to cash out on your .com sale.

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Wow! :blink: Reminds me a bit of the council maisonettes above the parade of shops close to the house I grew up in.

From the thread title for £1.5m I was hoping for a grand home on an acre or two of land. Great to see the Estate Agents earning their commission - using a wide angle lens on the camera and not including a floorplan.

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I have long felt that, despite the overt mention of 'house prices' as part of the name of this particular discussion board, that there are far too few threads specificially on houses prices as 'case studies' such as this one - and that 'economic'/politics threads dominate disprportionately.

So I welcome any such post that keeps to the forefront and advertises the madness of UK property prices.

But, at the same time, I feel that each time I see such a post/case study that it is detrimental to my health (e.g. rising blood pressure, urge to vent my spleen at anyone remotely responsible, etc). :(

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Looks like it could have been a garage at one point perhaps.

I like it. The back garden is sumptuous and the Georgian touches are a beauty to behold.

The emperor is not wearing any clothes and it seems many in London & SE haven't realised yet.

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But look at the bathroom. It's like a roman spa. The mosaics are mesmerising. And the garden, oh the garden. Not just a patio, but mud too. Imagine the garden parties of four or more people. And picture 7, that bedroom has it's own window! A truly magnificent property, yours for as little as the cost of an 8 bedroom property with swimming pool and tennis court elsewhere. A unique chance to own a property built for minimum cost to allow the poorest in society somewhere to live for only one and a half million pounds. No assessment of mental health required.

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A house in Wimbledon is good value compared to this 3-bed flat in a tower block in Woolwich http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-60469907.html

Look at the floorplan - you get a grand total of 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Plus the price has recently gone up from £1,850,000 to £1,905,000.

And SE18 ain't no SW19.

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