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House Prices Have Not Gone Up At All

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Ok was using a bit of journalistic licence with that header to grab your attention, as you read it and the steam blows outta your ears, its time to calm down all is not what it seems.

What would have happened if house prices were exactly as my header suggested and didint vast increase ie triple in value in the last few years?

What would happen to all the older drones of society reaching retirement if there houses never rose in value.It is surely no wonder the kiss tony blairs feet in vast numbers, its also no wonder they dont mind the oppressive council tax so much as they realy should.

Im coming to the opinion now that house prices have been engineered to rise so much to save uk plc, or at least create a transfer of wealth so the large and growing older voters, will be appeased and subdued with the fact that elsewhere in there lives things have gotten so hard there basically ruined.

This has been the perfect get out clause for the labour party to the growing financial crisis in the uk, and they have done nothing to stop it for this very reason, even though there is a growing and growing anger rising about this transfer of wealth the governmnet know who goes to the polls, they also know if house prices had not risen then all these people would have been looking for the government to pay for there care in there old age, to pay for there pensions and every thing else thats needed.

Now by having a huge increase in house prices the government has been fortunate, the trouble is as every year ticks by the people priced out(and lets not kid ourselves they realy are priced out) are going from there 20s to 30s to there 40s ie there becoming older themselves, so unless the prices can continue to keep rising sooner or later the whole lot will collapse.

All they people in there 30s will be 40 one day then 50, so they need a value class a boom in something of theres that will pay there pensions, or disaster will be upon us all.As the age of home ownership rises will everyone now rent till there 50?, hence not build up enough capital to get on the housing bubble that is supporting the economy.

So what would uk plc be like today without the housing boom we just had?

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we would be in a recession, a similar position to germany, they never recoved from there house price boom, and have falling/static house prices... in the UK MEW has accounted for 8% of the uks income, you would have removed this money from the system....

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