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Immigrant Workers To Set Up Own Trade Union

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Coming soon to the UK?

Ukrainian workers in Poland are getting organised.

Piotr Ostrowski said.

While it is best to join the already existing unions, many Eastern European citizens need to have their own representation in order to protect themselves from employer abuse.

There are some 800,000 Ukrainians (officially) working in Poland. 1.2 million Poles in UK. Could this catch on?

I think a Worshipful Company of Foreign Faucet and Tapworkers would make a nice addition to our Trade Union heritage.


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Perhaps Border Force are missing a trick here. Set one up then demand to see the papers of everyone who joins!

The illegal ones won't bother joining a union anyway and they will still get the jobs from unscrupulous employers @ £3/hr with a bunk bed provided in the shed.

They will undercut the legal migrants who will in turn undercut the Brits. The politicians call it growth.

Border Force is probably understaffed and unable to keep on top of this.

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Would employers take on (take on in the sense of oppose) organised foreign cheap labour working in Britain - the cheap labour that so benefits the "economy" (the employers' economy that is). The goose that lays their golden egg as it were.

It's also the goose that lays plenty of golden eggs for the government as well.

Once established presumably foreign worker unions would have no objection to British workers joining their union perhaps as associates or whatever - more fees and more power in numbers.

One suspects some new anti union laws about immigrant workers will soon be in the pipeline.

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I imagine it would be run more on mafia style lines, if I were senior management at any company employing a significant number of its members I would be very worried about my families safety.

To think any such 'union' would operate under standard UK norms would be nieve in the extreme.

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I doubt they'd want to rock the boat - who's going to potentially jeopardise tax credits, housing benefits, child benefits - all huge amounts compared to motherland salaries? Also, they have the full support of the indigenous unions of the UK - what's not to like? And Border Force could save a lot of time even if such a Polish Union did exist - they could remind themselves that Poles have the right to work in the UK, full recourse to public funds.

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