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Frank Hovis

Simon Evans Goes To Market R4 6.30Pm Thursday

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To flag up that Simon Evans has a new series stating this week. For those who aren't aware he reads this website and as a result was telling everybody the financial crash in 2007 was imminent before it happened.

And the lovely Merryn's on as well. Recommended listening.


Simon Evans' comedy lecture on four of the big life stages that mark our journey through life and how economics is part of every one of those stages, whether we like it or not.

As always, he is joined by Financial Times columnist and presenter of Radio 4's 'More or Less', economist Tim Harford, and by financial guru and editor of Money Week, Merryn Somerset Webb.

This week Simon looks at Youth - that period in life when the young suddenly disengage from the home unit and plummet from the safety of the family nest.

The programme looks at everything from pocket money and exam subject choice, to university and whether the property ladder still exists.

Baroness Alison Wolf is the guest expert, who shares her views on whether education matters and how that affects the labour markets. Which subjects should you study at school if you want to be a millionaire? Should you go to university? Take a gap year? What are the implications of all these decisions on your future economic standing.

Presenter: Simon Evans, with Tim Harford and Merryn Somerset Webb
Special guest: Professor Alison Wolf, Baroness Wolf of Dulwich
Written by Simon Evans, Benjamin Partridge and Andy Wolton.
Producer: Claire Jones
A BBC Studios Production.


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You have presented neither argument nor evidence that such people exist.

I've never hard of him, so by me he has a nil rating, which could turn out to be an underrating. He hasn't got a funny sounding name though.

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Is this a thread promoting something on the BBC? In Hpc OT?

Look here you, no one has a TV licence but this is RADIO so we don't have to pay for it and there's nothing we like more than something for FREEEEEEEEEEE!

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One of our own.

And it's steam radio rather than the idiot box.

It's radio 4. The very heart of Political Ultra-Correctness.

Simon Evans has been in that slot before. Thursdays at that hour I listen on the move, and that's often Radio 4 comedy when they have something worth listening to - like Evans. I can place his show with reference to my route. It's not pure-bred comedy, he explores an issue in an amusing manner. And his two sidekicks are good folks, too.

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